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"Imagination of ideal ends pertinent to actual conditions represents the fruition of a disciplined mind." - John Dewey, A Common Faith (1934)




Greetings! Welcome to my new web site!

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I am Associate Professor in the National College of Education at National Louis University in Chicago, where I teach courses in the history and philosophy of education, educational research, educational policy, and technology in education.

I am a member of both the Educational Foundations and Inquiry department, and the Advanced Professional Programs unit. I am also a member of the Faculty Senate, and a member of the Governance Committee. I have served as co-chair of the faculty of the National College of Education, among numerous other faculty governance roles.

I am also a scholar, with research interests in the areas of philosophy of education, history of education, Dewey studies, philosophy of technology, technology in education, and moral education. I have published a variety of articles, chapters, and books on these topics; you can see a list of my publications here.


I'm also a father of two wonderful children (Rowan and Thomas).


Here's a tribute I wrote for Philip W. Jackson, my mentor and longtime friend at the University of Chicago, upon his passing in July, 2015.